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Charity Tractor Run 11th July 2010

By Roy Roberts (Murdock!)


The Place: A field down the road from Speech House


We arrived in the field at about 09:15,after driving down from Hereford and met up with some more of the forest members.The sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky.I thought we are in for a good day.


It looked as though it was going to be a landy rally,but tractors were arriving all the time and soon the air was full of the smell of diesel and petrol fumes from the tractors,but being a country boy it was a good smell(like the smell of freshly mown grass on a summers evening)


Eventually there were approximately around 50 vehicles,tractors and landys being equal.


We had a briefing and we were off !! There were Fergys and Fordsons,David Browns and Fords all leading the way and we followed on behind.


After driving into the woods,where were we?i did,nt have a clue.just follow the one in front.


Down the tracks through the trees,the smell of pine wood as we drove past piles of sawn trees lying by the side,ready to go to the sawmill.down a gully and out at the bottom through the flora and Fawnia. We were told to look out for wild boar,but i,m sure i see David Bellamy in there!


Stopping at a mine for a coffee break was well needed,to get rid of the dust,(the air con on my landy not working)

Away again into the woods seeing things that were hiding in the trees,oh no,it was a chap with a camera,poping up where least expected,how did he get there?where was he from?perhaps he lives in the woods.


On and on we travelled,down to the iron works,a steam train enthusiast,s dream,we had chance to have a look at other peoples m/cs and a chat,the burger and coffee went down well.


After the raffle was drawn and thanks to everyone we were off again,into the woods and back to where we started.


While standing on a bend directing the convoy it was great to see how proud everyone was,from the newest of landys to the oldest of tractors,driving down the road with drivers and spectators alike waving and enjoying the day,even the tractor driver that run out of diesel and was being towed.


Back at the field talking to friends both old and new it was great how everyone was so friendly(although there was a little rivalry between the tractors and landys) A great day was had by all,with good weather,good tracks and good people to be with and well organised.


A huge thanks to the organisers and can,t wait till next year.