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Below is a list of useful links to other clubs that have an interest in either Land Rovers, 4x4, Green Laning or Off Roading. Feel free to click on the title and have a look.


Group Link and Description

Forest Vintage Vehicle and Machinery Club meets every 2nd Monday of the month at the Nags Head in Yorkley.  The meetings start at 7.30pm feek free to come along and meet the people involved and have a lovely eveing with friends. 




Herefordshire 4X4 Response Group is a registered member of the national 4x4 response network. There are currently 26 member groups around the UK. We are all volunteer groups that are involved in helping the country's emergency services and local community

Herefordshire Land Rover Club < click here

Herefordshire Land Rover Club was founded in September 2003 with our objective being to promote the Land Rover 'Way Of Life' by providing a friendly and helpful forum for all Land Rover enthusiasts in the area.

The Wye and Welsh Land Rover Club was set up, in July 1987, by a group of mainly Land Rover owners who lived mostly in the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean. It was set up to promote the use and ownership of Rover products.

4x4 Web < click here

For the 4x4 enthusiast and professional, 4x4 web aims to be the definitive source of information on; 4x4 adverts, clubs, offroad schools and centres, suppliers and useful links, even adventure holidays, books and jobs.

UK CB Specialist< click here

We specialise in CB Radio equipment - mainly to 4x4 and farm users but also to the motorhome, car enthusiast and motorcycling fraternities. Whether on or off road, CB radio communication with your friends, travelling companions or worrkmates will increase your fun, safety and convenience!....

Uk< click here

Wherever you are in the UK, there is probably a 4x4 Offroad Driving Centre near you. Use our 4x4 offroad driving centres map to find your nearest centre. Some centres provide 4x4's and driving instructors, others cater for your own off road vehicle with a minimum of driving supervision.

The Doctored Titles Club is a virtual Land Rover Club that came together via a collection of Land Rover magazine forums. It now lives at, the independent Land Rover chat forum. The members of the DTC come from all walks of life, and drive all manners of 4x4, most of our members belong to other clubs as well and several of our regulars are involved in the running of volunteer and charitable organisations. We hold regular Green Lane trips, host off-road weekends at dedicated sites and attend all major Land Rover Shows.

Land Rover Series 1 Club