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My 1st Day Out With FODLRG

Green Laning day in Wales. November 22nd 2009

By Alun Miles



My first day out with The Forest of Dean Land Rover group started at 9:15am at the layby just past Speech House which we had decided to use as our meeting place.I had managed to persuade a good mate to accompany me as a navigator who was a novice to green laning. Mind you I had only done one and that was a very easy one but I didn’t tell him that bit !

In total four vehicles met at the meeting place and at 9:30am we set off in convoy with Spud leading and my parents bringing up the rear.The weather by this point had decided to show us its worse side with the rain pouring down and a good wind blowing.We followed Spud up through Hereford and out towards Presteigne in Wales.

We came to the first of many lanes that we were planning to attempt weather permitting and to start the day off Spud had chosen a nice level lane with a number of full puddles and plenty of mud to get us started.

The day went on and the weather got worse but the lanes just kept getting better and better the more we did.Two in particular were amazing the first had us all hanging on to what ever we could get our hands on as the vehicles leaned from side to side to climb their way up a very exciting lane which had my mate and myself laughing, smiling and talking about for the rest of the trip and the other took us up onto the tops of the hills and across, with amazing views and into some quite deep puddles !One puddle in particular caused quite a lot of laughter as my mum swung from one side to other and back trying to close the gate we had come through which on the second attempt became unsuccessful as she fell off and stood in the water !!

All in all it was an amazing first trip out with the group my mate and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to the next trip out already.We would both like to say a massive thank you to Spud for planning the route and taking us around what was an amazing day.