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Land Rover Max 2011
My first Land Rover show since the last LRW show at Eastnor in 2009. Ivan kindly provided transport in the luxury of his TD5 90 - very nice! Although the show seemed to lack the size and atmosphere of the old Eastnor shows, we had cracking weather, a good run up and chance to see some vehicles which never get to shows closer to The Dean. Nice to see some other members in attendance, definitely worth a visit next year.
Rare Montiverdi Range Rover formerly owned by Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi up for sale.

Part of the superb display by the Coventry vehicle club.

Plenty of space to keep your soldier in this 1964 VIP parade 109".

Lots of Land Rovers for sale - looks useful!

A sign of the times perhaps; TDi conversions almost universal in Series and pre-Defenders at the show. Interesting to note that no two were the same, some with no intercooler, some no turbo, some very tidy...
A plethora of very nicely turned out challenge trucks present - plenty of ideas for modifying the 2a - some of these wings would be handy!

The Birmingham Land Rover Club would get my vote for best stand - a line up of superbly presented vehicles with an array of well modified & restored Series 2s & 3s - not the usual lick of paint and plastering with accessories; genuine attention to detail - this 88" had been rebuilt folowing a head on collision with a bus!!

Text & pictures by Jim Willett