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Green Laning trip to Marlborough. May 23rd to 25th

By Ivan Brown



As a green lane novice I was really looking forward to this, my first club outing. We arrived at the campsite at lunchtime on Saturday and were out on the lanes by early afternoon. I was surprised by the number of lanes in the area and the variety on offer. Everything from woodland tracks with bluebells and some mud to wide open trails on the top of the ridges with fantastic views. Many seemed to follow the field edges and were deeply rutted causing the two standard Discos to drag their drop plates like anchors, a rather disconcerting noise which you soon got used to.


The afternoon's highlight has to be the steep downhill track that was very overgrown with ruts and bumps, definitely an initiation which I was pleased to get under my belt. Then just when I thought we had finished' Russell and Liam found yet more mud- filled ruts. Were they marked on the map or did these two have a nose for the sticky stuff?! I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed it even if my wheels weren't always pointing the way I was going.


Sunday we were out early and I must admit that I lost count of how many actual lanes we did. Again the variety was good and I must say the map reading excellent. Everything was going well until we came across some particularly deep, water-filled ruts. Both standard discos got stuck and had to be towed out.


The highlight of the afternoon came late on when a request was received from one of the canine members of the party for his vehicle to be put on a more even keel. He knew he should not have been looking at the ground through the side window of his master's Discovery l. Again the specialist off-roaders came to the rescue and careful use of the winch put us back on our way. I think photographic evidence of this may be seen elsewhere in this publication.


The day was rounded off with a good pub meal and some gentle byways on the way back to the campsite as the sun was setting. I was not disappointed with my first outing and will definitely be going again. Thanks to all for a really good two days.