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GREEN LANING TRIP - 23rd May 2010

By Jim Willett



A small group consisting of my wife Nic and me in my Series 2a, Chris and Adam in Chris' 2a and a work colleague from Cheltenham in a 300 Tdi Discovery set off from Whitchurch Services at 9.30 on sunday morning. We started with three gentle byways around the Doward, which could have been tackled in two wheel drive, but offered pleasant views and interesting surroundings. We then moved on to a slighly more technical, rutted, rocky UCR from Llangrove to Welsh Newton. This was a bit overgrown and with my door tops removed caused some discomfort from holly leaves entering the cab! The Discovery lost a rear side window on a branch by getting cought in the wrong set of ruts, so probably a lane best reserved for the slightly less shiny Series!

We had quite a long delay just before the end of the lane, where we had to help land owners round up about twenty cattle which had escaped across the lane into a neighbour's crop. This envolved a lot of running about in the hot sun, but seemed to give them a good impression of off-roaders once the cows were all back in their own field.
After a pub lunch just outside Monmouth, the Discovery left us and the two 2As continued to Whitebrook to negotiate another simple but scenic byway along the bottom of the valley surrounded by a fantastic display of bluebells. Then we crossed back across the Wye to drive the long and narrow Coxbury & Wyegate Lane, simple as it was so dry, but would have had some quite boggy sections in the winter. We were surprised half way along to meet a lovely 86" Series One coming the other way, after a short chat and quite a long reverse to get past, we passed on the club details and hope to see them at one of our next meetings.
The last lane of the day took us from Redbrook to Newland - one we used to drive regularly many years ago, again, no difficulty due to very dry ground.

A pleasant days laning, a route we will hopefully try to do again soon for those who couldn't make it this time!