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Green Laning Day Out - 22nd November 2009
Below is a number of photos from our most recent green laning day that saw, Spud, Ceri & Geoff, Alun & Andrew and Mike Jenny take on Wales with the weather and terrain and win !! The day was brilliant the lanes were all different and exciting in their own way from views across the hills to interesting obsticles !! A great day had by all.


Alun is already asking himself is my Disco designed to lean this far !! With his mate in the passengers seat almost sitting on his lap !Spud are you sure this track is wide enough for a bicycle let alone a Land Rover it seems to be getting narrower !!
Mike and Jenny taking their Disco for a dip in sunny Wales !! ( one of many ).

What amazing views just wish it wasnt raining - Yeh right Spud where is the next puddle is that it ahead oooh that looks interesting !

Ceri you're sinking !! Just in case you have forgotten you're driving a Land Rover not a boat !!

Everyone made it through safely !

Battle stations guys dive dive dive !!

Hey guys I seem to have brought some of that puddle with me oops better put it back !!

Jenny taking the leap of faith for the group as she tries to close a gate that just so happens to be surrounded by deep water - This is the second attempt as on the first the wind blew her back !!

Ooops the leap of faith was unsuccessful Jenny lands in the water !