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Green Lane Code of Conduc
FoDLRG Green Lane Code of Conduct
Please abide by these guidelines whenever you go off-road, with or without the club. If you display a club sticker, display the club conduct.
The club have taken over 10 years building up a reputation for responsible driving; it only takes one incident to spoil this. Many groups want to stop vehicular use of rights of way, do not give them a legitimate reason! Be responsible, be polite and stay legal.





























1. We will drive on byways and unclassified county roads (UCRs). We will not drive on restricted byways or footpaths.


2. We will only drive green lanes that we believe are open to motor vehicles having studied the relevant maps.


3. We will not drive a lane that is badly damaged if a suitable diversion is possible.


4. No vehicle in convoy with Forest of Dean Land Rover Group is to stray off the designated track. It causes damage to land owners property and it is illegal.


5. The maximum speed allowed is 12mph. We will stop for walkers if appropriate and always for horses and turn off engines if appropriate.


6. The maximum number of vehicles in convoy will be five; a second convoy must have at least two vehicles.

(The Peak district has a mandatory limit of four vehicles.)


7. We are allowed to cut back overhanging trees/bushes that restrict passage. No damage to hedges or fences is allowed. No chainsaws please. (Lanes should be maintained to a three metre minimum width.)


8. Each vehicle should carry a minimum of a shovel, recovery strop/rope, fully charged mobile phone, basic first aid kit, hot drink or means of making one, map of area being driven, at the very least one map in each convoy group. A CB radio is useful but not compulsory. Vehicle owners/drivers must ensure their vehicle is safe & legal.


9. Leave gates exactly as you find them, if closed leave closed.


10. Take all litter home (carry a bin/carrier bag).


11. Keep dogs under control especially near livestock.


12. Water crossings will be assessed before crossing, if there is any doubt then we will turn back.


13. The aim is to enjoy the whole experience. If you feel any part is beyond your experience or your vehicle's capability then say so. A solution will be found.


14. The nominated leader’s decision is final.


15. We will set off as a team, spend the time away as a team and arrive back as a team.

Vehicle owners/drivers attend any event organised by FoDLRG entirely at their own risk!