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Eastnor Land Rover Show 2014
Heavy rain & vehicle movement restrictions to control ground damage reduced the number of exhibiters but did not spoil another excellent Eastnor Show.Please send any film or pictures you have in to

Club stand Friday evening

Five star accommodation,
but room service was a bit iffy!

Cummins 6BTA lorry engine in 110": 300 horsepower & 800 pounds of torque from modified inline pump and very angry snail blowing out 30 PSI of boost!

John engaged the 'attach V8 & rope' setting on D3's terrain response to get the caravan out of the field while...

...Swiss LR club looked on.

Dave had to make do with Jim's Series 3 (just in case)...

..Series 3's next job was a 300 Discovery & caravan on road tyres which took a bit more pulling, the 2 and a quarter petrol rose to the challenge though!

Club stand on Sunday evening.
  What's that coming over the hill?...

...Series 1 on the way back from the ofr-road course.