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By Jim Willett 


The Dunsfold collection is a selection of about 100 rare and interesting Land Rovers from throughout the brands 61 year history. Not normally open to the public, vehicles are stored away in various barns and can only be viewed on mass at the annual open weekend. Despite having been a popular event of the Landrover calendar, this was my first pilgrimage over to the collection, situated a few miles south of Guildford. My father Phil and I set off at about 7.30am from Soudley in my 88" Series 2a, arriving at about 10.30am cruising at 65- 70mph, made slightly more relaxing, as I had fitted a high ratio Range Rover diff the day before.


The weather was excellent and the site very picturesque. We managed to see most of what was on show, various prototypes and rarities from Series 1's to 101's and from Freelander's to Amphibious Military prototypes. My personal favourites were the 100" military prototype Land Rovers, the Maestro / Freelander "Mule" and a wonderfully restored prototype V8 Series 2a from 1968.

As an added bonus all visiting Land Rovers were directed to park in part of the show area, which effectively doubled the size of the show. Many of the vehicles in the "Car Park" were indeed equally interesting to those on display.


It was a friendly atmosphere, despite seeing few familiar faces, many stopped for a chat and to discuss whatever was being looked at. The auto jumble was quite small, and noticeably priced higher than at some other events, but contained many almost elusive parts and spares, valuable to restorers. On the whole, an excellent event which I would recommend to any members for next year for a day or weekend trip. Only the Hansford family and ourselves attended from the club this year, it would be good to gather a larger convoy for next time. See you there next year.