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Dunsfold 2011
Some photographs from Jim, Phil & Dave's visit to The Dunsfold Land Rover Collection Open Weekend 2011.
The Saturday was a bit of a washout, but the highlight was a tour of the workshop and a chance to see one of the few surviving 'Road Rover' prototypes part way through restoration!
A few miles away, but surprisingly quick run, even in my 2A... Anyone who wants to go next year can follow the oil drips!!
Prototype series with independant suspension.
Immaculate prototype 110" Hi-cap.
Well restored FFR 2A on military club stand.
This was just parked in the car park, the trailer was had an ultra rare Cuthbertson tracked 88" on the back...
"I'm sure we parked it somewhere near here..."
Aussie spec S1 gets a thorough examination by Mr Coates, Willett Snr. & the dog!
Text & pictures by Jim Willett