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Eastnor Land Rover Show 2
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Some pictures from 2013 events

Please send any film or pictures you have in to and I will put them on the website/ youtube page.
Monmouth Border Counties Vintage Club show May day weekend. 
ALRC National Rally, Usk - Nice S1 trialler on new Classic Land Rover Magazine stand.
ALRC National Rally, Usk - County tractor & trailer operated a bus service for the weekend.
ALRC National Rally, Usk - panoramic views from the camping field.
ALRC National Rally, Usk - RTV starting lanes.
ALRC National Rally, Usk - between RTV sections.
ALRC National Rally, Usk - Weeeee!
ALRC National Rally, Usk - guess what was on the other end of the rope...
Dunsfold Collection open weekend, Surrey - very nicely restored 110.
Dunsfold Collection open weekend, Surrey - this was the only clue that this concourse, standard looking LWB Series 1 was a bit of a sleeper!
Dunsfold Collection open weekend, Surrey - Some vehicles were more 'interesting' than others.
Dunsfold Collection open weekend, Surrey - Nick's 80" with a lovely  Daimler 250 V8 conversion.
Dunsfold Collection open weekend, Surrey - The smartest Discovery I have ever seen! NO rust anywhere - low mileage, one owner, garaged & wax oiled from new. Not for sale!
Dunsfold Collection open weekend, Surrey -Road Rover mid-restoration.
 Gaydon 01/12/2013

James Bond 110" had to be hit with hammers to get the accident damaged look for Skyfall film; They could have just sent it on one of Jim's non-damaging green lane runs!